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Join us on the 15th April @12.30pm for our FREE BCS CISMP Webinar. As a result of the rising demand for smart devices both commercially and within businesses, there has been, and continues to be an increasing demand for information security professionals to work in organisations and within programmes and projects as specialists.

The adoption of cloud-based security solutions for cyber security in small and medium sized businesses, all over the globe, are also becoming an increasing concern due to the implications for data security. Employees who either understand information security management principles or are seasoned professionals in IT security are in rising demand to help keep businesses and their assets, safe.

Our job is to prevent the unthinkable from happening. This webinar talks about the things that you can learn from the BCS Certified Information security Management Principles to make your IT Systems and organisation more secure from external threats.

Webinar Recording

Please view the BCS Certificate in Information Security Management Principles Here


Table of Contents

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