What Career Options Are Available For ITIL®?

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As an IT professional, you might be interested in going down the route of obtaining an ITIL® certification to boost your career. More and more businesses are looking for protection for their IT investments and as ITIL® is the standard framework having a certificate in your resume can help greatly. But what ITIL®-related jobs and careers are out there waiting for you after you obtain certification? Well, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you depending on the type of itil course you choose to take and how far you wish to go on the ladder. ITIL®-related jobs and careers you might go for include:
  1. Information Technology Project Manager;
  2. Service Delivery Manager;
  3. Information Technology Director;
  4. Senior Project Manager.
While the salaries for positions vary depending on the position you go for and your expertise and certification, the average salary for ITIL® jobs is £42,500 per annum.

Information Technology Manager Position

The average entry-level salary for an Information Technology Manager is $59,000 or around £48,486. So, what would you be doing if you went into this position? The information technology manager has the job of supervising the IT infrastructure of a company. This includes network technology, data storage, software platforms and IT security. The candidate will be responsible for designing the procedures required for IT management along with overseeing the daily implementation of the procedures. The information technology manager will also be responsible for the maintenance and efficiency of online communications channels. Other duties undertaken as part of the job include having the responsibility for the hiring, supervising and training of IT employees.
  1. Service Delivery Manager
If you have got certification and are looking for ITIL®-related jobs and careers, you might want to consider a Service Delivery Manager position. The average entry-level salary begins at $60,000, which is around £49,676. However, if you have ITIL® certification, the average salary jumps to $96,132 or around £79,430. The job of the service delivery manager is to create strategies to meet the expectations of stakeholders and customers. The strategies are set out as Service-Level Agreements, which break down the objectives of the company into day-to-day operations and projects. As the service delivery manager, you are the link between clients, projects and business resources, and you have to monitor and provide reports on the efficiency and productivity of service.
  1. Information Technology Director
Information technology director is another of the ITIL®-related jobs and careers available once you have been certified. Being certified also means that the average salary for someone with certification in itil will be around $118,000, about £97,646 per annum. The information technology director position is a good choice for those with a vast amount of experience in ITIL® with certifications. The director’s job is to undertake duties in line with the goals of the company they are working for and work with information technology and project managers.
  1. Senior Project Manager
The average entry-level salary for a senior project manager is $93,000, which comes in at around £76,946. By gaining ITIL® certification and having lots of experience within the sector, candidates can travel further up the ladder as senior project managers. The senior project manager will be in communication with key stakeholders, and it will be your job to update stakeholders on the project’s progression.

Grow your ITIL® career with TSG

Before being able to apply for any of the ITIL®-related jobs and careers, you may wish to take a look at the many courses available. Courses help you to gain deeper knowledge about ITIL® so you can progress in your career. There are plenty of choices of courses whether you are just starting out or you already have basic certification, and you want to further enhance your knowledge to go for a higher-paid position within a company.

ITIL® v4 Foundation Course – the starting point

The ITIL® v4 Foundation Course is the entry-level for certification in itil. The course lasts three days and gives an introduction to itil 4. It provides a look at IT service management where candidates learn the following:
  • Key concepts of service management;
  • Key concepts of ITIL®;
  • Service value chain plan;
  • Introduction to ITIL® practices.
The above topics are split into various categories and the exam is multiple choices with 40 questions per paper. To pass the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam candidates need at least 26 marks out of the 40 available. The exam lasts 60 minutes.

More courses to consider before looking for ITIL®-related jobs and careers

Once you have got the Foundation course you might want to get further qualifications to help you get a higher-paid position within the ITIL® industry. In this case, you might consider looking into the following courses.
  • ITIL® 4 Specialist Create, Deliver & Support – candidates can take the course to earn the CDS qualification, which is essential when considering a Managing Professional position. To take this course candidates need to have passed the ITIL® 4 Foundation examination;
  • ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy – this course and exam are required by anyone wanting to take a Strategic Leader position within a company. To take this course candidates need to have the ITIL® 4 Foundation qualification and have a minimum of three years of experience of IT managerial experience;
    So, if you are considering which courses to take before venturing out and looking for ITIL®-related jobs and careers the above are just a few of the courses available at TSG Training.

Table of Contents

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