What Do You Need From Your Workplace Environment?

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Self-awareness is vital, both in a professional and personal life. The average person spends more of their life at work than at home, so being aware of what you need to be successful in the workplace and being strong enough to advocate for yourself are crucial skills to learn.

How to identify your needs

Identifying what you need to be successful in your workplace isn’t as daunting as it sounds. First, take time to think about your lifestyle and how you work best.
  • Do you have children or a pet to care for?
  • Do you function better in an office, working from home or in a hybrid set-up?
  • Do you enjoy variety in your job?
  • Do you enjoy working as part of a team, or do you work better alone?
  • Do you work well under pressure?
Answering these questions will help you to narrow down what helps you to excel in your job or the things that could be keeping you from achieving your full potential. Keep these answers in mind when applying for new jobs or discussing anything you feel is holding you back with your current employer. Demonstrating that you are self-aware and actively want to improve is a great way to show your manager that you care about your job and the wider business.

How to find the right job for you

Analysts and technology specialists are always in demand, meaning that the jobs market is competitive in your favour. Many companies are looking for new ways to attract talent to the business. This could include flexible working, career progression options, staff fun days, an employee wellness budget or enhanced break rooms. When reading through job descriptions, keep your needs in mind.
  • Does the company ethos match your working style?
  • Are the duties in line with your strengths?
  • Will you find the job fulfilling?
There are a plethora of businesses that try to make the workplace more enjoyable; some even offer self-improvement days, like Cisco’s “Days for Me” and “Focus Day” schemes. One of the best techniques for finding a business that matches your working style is to look at Glass Door for employee reviews. Employees usually mention the workplace culture, the amount of pressure they were under or any staff benefits, so it’s a great place to check when deciding if a company aligns with your needs. Other companies will openly discuss their workplace culture, such as listening to every employee, regardless of position.

How to better align with your current workplace

You don’t have to find a new job to feel more fulfilled in the workplace. With technology and analytics professionals so highly in demand, most businesses want to retain their staff. Therefore, they would prefer to have an honest conversation about what you need than hire someone new. If you get on well with your boss, then have an open and honest conversation with them, and they’ll likely be happy to listen to feedback and implement ways to help you if possible. If conversations with your boss are usually less relaxed, then think about what you need from your workplace to be better at your job. Taking a specific concern to your manager is much easier for them to address, showing that you’ve thought about how you can be a better employee. Office culture is a massive reason for professionals choosing to stay in their current position or leave. In fact, 46% of job seekers identify this as one of the most important factors when deciding to apply.

Are learning and personal development important to you?

One of the biggest reasons for feeling unfulfilled at a current workplace is simply a lack of stimulation. If you’re someone who enjoys being challenged or learning something new, then it’s understandable to get frustrated when it feels like you’re not moving forward. Many companies have a budget for employee progression. Instead of looking for a new job, try discussing progression with your manager. It’s often the people that openly discuss wanting more responsibility that move up the corporate ladder. Your manager may be able to put you forward for further training or qualifications that will put you in a better position for future promotions.

It starts with you

While more senior staff members are often considered responsible for improving employee morale, it’s also something that you should be aware of. Leaders have a lot to think about and can often miss something obvious, making your feedback vital. If you feel that there is something missing from the workplace or from your job, then speak up. A good manager will always be willing to collaborate with you to ensure that you and other employees are happy and productive.

Table of Contents

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